Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Why I think you don't have a Man...

This note is purely my own thoughts and therefore holds no damn for anyone who is offended-I just kinda wanted you to see it, laugh, agree…if it does apply to you, remember, it wasn’t intended to apply to anyone specifically- That’s a void in your own life which I am NOT responsible for. Hell, this may even help you lol. This may be harsh to some but I don’t know what to tell you

Feel free to add/argue. This is just me being me lol.

1.If you always have to have the last word: no man wants a girl who is confrontational in EVERYTHING that they do. Believe it or not, men hate arguing with a passion. Most times they just want to “be” and not have to prove their point all the time. It’s maddening. In other words, if the argument yields no resolution other than you being cheap and trying to satiate your own childishness…try STFU sometimes. You may find out the fight isn’t worth it.

2.A lot of you have it ass-backwards. More than twice, I’ve heard females say “what’s the point of dolling myself up, I don’t have a man so it’s no point” Um…how do I put this. When you go fishing, let me know if you’ve EVER gotten a fish with just a hook. You gotta put bait out to get a fish. Well, it’s better than getting fish with a net and you get a lot of fish at one time…(if I lost you in my metaphors the “net getting all the fish” means dressing like a slut. The bait on the hook means to attract a specific fish….to dumb it down, DRESS LIKE YOU ARE SOMEBODY! Don’t do it for him…fine but don’t complain about guys not being attracted to you…BECAUSE YOUR CHARACTER DOESN’T SHOW IN UNDONE HAIR! Most guys realistically dont think “Hey, she looks like S@*&@!, maybe she has a great character….” NAH. If you want to attract, BE ATTRACTIVE- the rest will come.

3.Be secure. A guy doesn’t want someone who is unsure about everything…get a grip on your life before joining with someone else.

4.Stop thinking about marriage- it’s not our fault you’re about to be 45 and you ain’t get it together, so stop rushing us into something we don’t want to do yet. Take it one day at a time. If it will be…then it will be. That’s a turn off to keep pushing that. It makes you seem psycho the first few days of meeting someone. Yea, I said it. You thought it…but I said it.

5.Stop whining about being single. (this shoulda been #1)

6.Stop talking so much when you first hang with someone. How you gonna KNOW EACH OTHER when he hasn’t even got a word in.

7.OMG OMG OMG. STOP TALKING ABOUT YOUR LAST RELATIONSHIP! WE DON’T-----CARE! …this train stops here Thanks…let me off.

8.Don’t give it up the first night. Although I am all in for getting some….it makes men think. “if It was this easy…then how many did she…how easy is it to…” If you want a fling, fine. Get tested. If you want a man…no…get adjusted. Otherwise, they will eff you then it’s like…eff you. No one wants a easy catch

9.Make us come to you! When you watch discovery channel, what do you see? The tiger be chasin the Gazelle or whatever…it kills it and eats it…don’t seem too desperate. That’s like the Tiger waking up to an already dead gazelle on its door step. The Tiger thinks “WTF?! Sure, I’m hungry…but where did this come from and why is it here and so ready to eat….something’s wrong” Give a man a lil chase to show you have something he wants but 1- don’t give him the run-around 2- don’t just give in.

10.If this applies to you…read 1-9 again.

11.Stop doing what your single friends say -chances are they are in worse shape than you.

12.Stop reading books. Them people single too.

13.Stop acting like you are too proud to do this/that. If that’s the case, then we don’t need you. Therefore, you will go wanting…

14.Everytime you go out, stop expecting him to pay for EVERYTHING. You then may be a considerable “cost” more so than a girl. Treat him for once. He may think that’s how the relationship will be…

15.Stop whining all the time about your personal issues and ALWAYS having something going on. Even it is…you appear to be a drama queen. Don’t make your problems affect how you treat a man. He may care/help but its still not a good look off first impression..

I’ll add more later

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